About The Frugality Game™
It’s more than a game. The Frugality Game is "A Financial Journey that can Change your Life".

The Frugality Game is an interactive adventure combining financial exercises with games, learning and practical solutions that help you save money. Play it and follow the famous, foraging Frugal family as they explore locations around the world in search of treasure and adventure. As they circle the globe hunting down untold riches, you will enjoy the adventure of a lifetime exploring your financial life!

Straightening out the long and winding road of your finances can be fun! As you play the game and advance from one adventure to the next, you will earn valuable Frugality Tokens. Successful completion of each adventure will reveal treasures hidden in your personal finances.

Register today to embark on your personal journey. Play the Frugality Game and you’ll be taking steps to throw off your financial burdens so you can enjoy a better life!

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Meet the Frugals
Frank, Fern, Freddie, Frannie and their dog Freckles. The epitome of Frugality, the Frugals have obtained wisdom over the years that will pass to future generations. They are glad to share the knowledge they have gained so that you can enjoy the adventure we call life without the stress caused by burdensome debt and frivolous spending.
Frank Frugal Father and explorer, Frank Frugal was born and raised on a farm in the Midwest, and he grew up reading tales of treasure hunters in far-away lands. Frank always hoped to see the world someday but was never certain if he would.

After putting himself through college he moved east to Washington, D.C., where he embarked on a career with the federal government and soon met the woman of his dreams.
Fern Frugal Mother and adventurer Fern Frugal grew up in a small town just outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin. The daughter of Herb and Edna, Fern realized at an early age that she was bound for bigger things. Her plan was simple: move to Washington, DC, and do something meaningful with her life.
Freddie Frugal Son and prankster Freddie Frugal is the oldest Frugal child. As soon as he learned to crawl, he started exploring—and climbing! Brave, bold and a bit impetuous, Freddie is always ready to search out an adventure.
Frannie Frugal When daughter and adventurer Frannie Frugal was born, the doctor said, “It’s a girl!” And she was right. Dolls, dress-up and playing with the other girls consumed little Frannie. In school, however, she soon discovered history and science, and instantly fell in love with the mysteries of the world—the unknown.
Freckles Frugal They also found one more addition to the family—Freckles! Fearless adventurer Freckles the Dog joined the Frugal family as a puppy. He’s full of energy and ready to join (and protect) his family anywhere—whether it’s crossing a perilous chasm on a swaying rope suspension bridge or deep in the burial chambers of an ancient Egyptian pyramid.
One day Frank was hurrying through a D.C. Metro bus stop on his way to work. As he rounded the corner in one direction, Fern came hurrying in the opposite direction: WHAM! They ran smack into each other. As they apologized, introduced themselves, and helped each other to their feet, their smiles met. It was the beginning of something great.

Soon, the newly-married Frugals settled down, moved to upstate New York, bought a house and started their family. Their firstborn was a son, Freddie, and a brief eighteen months later came daughter Frannie.

The Frugals lived an ordinary, middle-class suburban lifestyle. They went to work and school, paid their taxes and bills, and learned along the way how to stretch one dollar into two—or three.

But something was stirring in each of them. Frank longed for the adventures he had dreamed of as a child. Fern remembered a forgotten side of herself as she watched her children. Freddie ached to explore more of the world around him. And Frannie knew that she could never discover anything really exciting by sitting at home.

And so…one day… it just happened! The Frugals went on vacation—and never came back. It started with a trip to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. Then an exploration of some ancient ruins. Before they knew it, they were setting sail for a real adventure. Soon they stumbled upon a fortune in hidden treasure!

The Frugals made the decision to live within their means long ago. Along the way, they found what is important in life. The Frugals have established a family charter that describes fiscally responsible living. The family charter expresses our belief that frugality is absolutely essential to the financial strength of individuals, families and our nation.

The Frugals and the team at The Frugality Game believe in working together to adopt a sound financial lifestyle. Join us today and let’s re-establish our society and our personal lives with the proven principle of frugality.

The Frugal Family Charter:

FRUGALITY means rejecting the culture of consumerism, spending less than you earn, and avoiding unnecessary debt.

FRUGALITY is a time-tested, proven way to manage personal and household finances.

FRUGALITY has been largely ignored by popular culture, resulting in the current financial crisis, which is a consequence of overspending and over-reliance on consumer debt.

FRUGALITY must become part of a cultural change: a national movement toward responsible spending and debt—not just a fad: a long-term, generational shift in attitudes.

FRUGALITY was understood by previous generations. Those who lived through the Great Depression never forgot how to live frugally.

FRUGALITY was forgotten by many, as the lure of easy debt tempted people to live beyond their means.

FRUGALITY is mistakenly ignored as a solution to the current financial crisis.

FRUGALITY is the only long-term solution to personal, family, and national financial problems.

FRUGALITY grants freedom (from debt, stress, guilt and worry).

FRUGALITY results in stronger family relationships.

FRUGALITY leads to peace, happiness and security for individuals, families and nations.
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